About The Minor Key

The History of The Minor Key

stock-photo-adorable-girl-whit-electric-guitar-on-a-over-white-background-86062201Buddy Dubay has been a teacher and children’s musician since 1984.  In 2001 he released Children’s Song Garden, a diverse collection of traditional and original music for families.  In 2004 Buddy began to formulate an idea that kids could write, record and perform original music.  They could be empowered to have involvement and ownership in every step of the process, including studio tasks like mixing and mastering.   The Minor Key was born.

Buddy Dubay and The Minor Key have performed at many venues including schools, farmers markets, summer concert series, kid’s festivals, libraries, radio and local cable tv.  Three times they have opened for the Paul Green School of Rock at Higher Ground in South Burlington and they have also performed at the School of Rock Festival in Philadelphia. The Minor Key has also organized local Youth Rock Concerts to celebrate and showcase as many local youth bands as possible.  

All of the music written by Buddy Dubay and The Minor Key is created with the intention of letting kids express their thoughts and their world musically with a full range of emotions and wide spectrum of musical styles.   Work on the group’s first CD, Rockin’ in the Pet Shop, began in the fall of 2004 at Resting Lion Studios in Huntington, Vermont and was completed in January 2006.   Our second collection, What Can We Do? also took two years to produce and was released in November 2008.   These fun collections include songs written by kids about pets, indoor recess, macaroni and cheese, broken arms, milkshakes, global warming, younger brothers and other crazy stuff.

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